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We do what other Car Loans lenders and banks can’t do

Trend Car Loans can help with Bad Credit, Older Vehicles, High Ratios and Difficult to Prove Income.

“Thinking outside the bank” is what Trend is all about. Some car loan lenders treat people just like commodities and only look at their credit histories, but not TREND. We do car loans totally differently outside of only looking at someone's credit history. Sometimes we can be more expensive than a traditional bank loan, but the difference is that customers can pay off that 2003 model in 48 months instead of 18 months. That’s a key difference between us and traditional lenders. We have a different lending philosophy that we try to employ. Launched in 2012, TREND Financial is an car lender that offers custom solutions to clients who have a “difficult time” securing car financing through conventional prime lenders. TREND's customers include clients immigrants new to the country, ones with bad credit or previous repayment issues or even those dogged by past bankruptcy, students, those that have a hard time proving income such as service workers or the self employed, as well as for those vehicles banks and traditional lenders may not touch such as used cars, specialty cars and commercial vehicles. Regardless of the situation, TREND believes it can help build car loans solutions that means a customer leaves happy and a dealer sells a car. TREND Financial is here to help as the best and only alternative to traditional and bank lenders, so please contact our Customer Service Representatives to see what products and programs we can make work so that your car loan approval is a success!

How it works

Our Business Managers work directly with you to bring out the positives in your credit and income situation, so that a custom made car loan solution can be found for you by taking into account what others ignore or discount.

Any make, any model, anywhere in Ontario!

Whether you have a car in mind or want to take some time choosing one, our flexible car loans can help you. You can buy a new or used car from any reputable car dealer, or we have a list of recommended dealerships that you can go to.

We handle the car loan for you and make sure all the paperwork from the dealer is in order, so you can get on with the exciting part – choosing your new car.

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We offer the exclusive Trend "Buy-up Program"

Let’s say that you’re looking for a newer car but due to your past credit history, you don’t qualify for that car with other lenders. Although those lenders may provide you with an approval, it may not be the approval that you deserve since it may carry a lot of restrictions. At TREND Financial, we evaluate risk differently and the more security deposit you have, the more flexible your approval will become.

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What our clients say about us

Meet some of our happy clients that have been helped by Trend Financial to get a car loan that fits their needs and situation.

Jen Y.
I needed a car but made most of my money with tips, which conventional lenders wouldn't look at. Trend Financial gave me the car loan I needed and could repay.
Lawrence J
I needed a truck for my commercial landscaping business and couldn't get it through regular channels. Trend Financial came to my rescue and got me the truck I wanted.
Mr & Mrs Lawrence
We're on a tight budget and needed a van to take care of our grand children. Trend Financial was able to meet our needs, were so patient with us and we're so happy!

There's no obligation to see what we can do.Your problems in getting a car loan can end with Trend Financial.

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Excellent service and car loan flexibility. 3.8 out of 5 based on 40 ratings.

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